About Us

Jesus Rincon repairing a windshield

About Desert Windshield Repair:

After researching the industry, the founders of Desert Windshield Repair found that many companies that say they do windshield repair are people who do it as sideline or an add-on service and not actually certified, trained professionals. Even companies who do both replacement and windshield repair appear to have little or no credible training in the actual process of windshield repair. Desert Windshield Repair only used the highest quality Crystal Clear bonding resins, with state-of-the-art injector system and is the creator of the Clear View Repair System which is fast becoming the industry standard.

Desert Windshield Repair has over 10 years of experience and has created a business founded on a commitment to upholding professional standards, maintaining excellent work ethic, and delivering superior customer service.

Glasweld Certified (Certificate)