10 Facts On Why You Should Repair Your Windshield Over Having It Replaced

With the new year just around the corner, your friends at Desert Windshield Repair want to share with you 10 important facts on why you should have windshield repair rather than replaced.

  1. Saves Money! Saves on unnecessary replacement cost. 65% of all replacement windshields are installed incorrectly which results in interior damage, leakage, wind noise and rust.
  2. Safety! Guaranteed no to crack in the same place.
  3. Restores the strength and visibility as windshields are considered a major part of the vehicles frame.
  4. Keeps the integrity of your existing windshield and retains the original factory seal. A factory seal is 500 times stringer than a replacement seal.
  5. Retains the VALUE of the vehicle.
  6. Recommended and approved by the insurance industry, Dept. of Transportation, meets CA Vehicle Code and most other states.
  7. Most insurance companies will waive your deductible, which means the repair is "FREE" to YOU!
  8. Protects YOU from rising insurance costs.
  9. Prevents a police citation.
  10. Keeps our landfills clean.

We hope these ten facts on why windshield repair rather than windshield replacement was helpful. Book your appointment with Desert Windshield Repair today! We are fast, reliable and here for all of your rock chip repair needs.

Happy holidays and 2021 to all of our clients, friends, and supporters.

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