4 Simple Ways to Prevent Windshield Damage

Avoid Windshield Cracks & Chips With These Easy Tips

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It’s safe to say that every driver has dealt with windshield damage at one point or another. Sometimes the damage is unavoidable or may result from an accident, while other times the damage may appear to have come out of nowhere.

Fortunately, when cracks and chips are minor, windshield repair is easy and affordable. But did you know there are some simple things you can do to protect yourself from windshield damage? The auto glass repair experts at Desert Windshield Repair have the details below.

An image of a parked vehicle with sunlight shining on the windshield and auto body.

Avoid Parking Your Vehicle in Direct Sunlight

It can get incredibly hot here in Palm Springs and the intense heat can increase the risk of windshield damage. When exposed to a rapid change in temperature, auto glass and its metal frame can expand and contract, which adds stress to the glass and can cause it to crack. Therefore, you should always avoid parking in direct sunlight during the summer and instead try parking in a shaded area.

An image of a man driving on a highway.

Maintain a Safe Following Distance When Driving

You should maintain a safe following distance with the vehicle in front of you when driving. This can help you avoid accidents and it can also help prevent minor damage to your windshield from flying debris like gravel or garbage. It can also be helpful to stay away from large commercial vehicles as they have larger tires which can propel rocks at the vehicles trailing behind them.

An image of wiper blades moving across the windshield surface.

Update Your Wiper Blades

When the wiper blades on your vehicle become old and worn, they not only become ineffective at pushing away water on the glass when it rains, but they can also damage your windshield. Worn wipers can scratch your windshield each time they are used and can even weaken the integrity of the glass. Purchasing new wiper blades regularly will help you avoid the risk of windshield damage.

An image of a windshield chip being professionally repaired.

Repair Minor Windshield Damage Immediately

While a small windshield crack or chip may not seem like something to have too much concern over, it's important to get them repaired by a professional as soon as possible. Minor cracks and chips will naturally extend with fluctuations in temperature and pressure. Putting off repairs will only increase the risk of needing a windshield replacement, so it’s better to repair damage immediately.

Whenever you have windshield damage, turn to Desert Windshield Repair. We’ll assess cracks, chips, and other damages and provide the necessary repairs to get you back on the road safely. We also offer windshield replacement solutions. If you currently have windshield damage of any kind, contact us to make a service appointment

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4 Simple Ways to Prevent Windshield Damage